Marcella Müller


German artist Marcella Müller (b. 1963) was born in Leverkusen, and now lives and works in Stuttgart, Germany.

She studied for a BA (Hons) Degree Photographic Studies, at Derby University (UK) in 1988-1992, before completing an MA in Conservation of New Media and Digital Information, at the Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart (Germany) in 2008-2010.



Visibility is the title of Marcella Müller’s photographs, which she discovers – but does not look for – during her travels. Meandering on ever decreasing roads she journeys into the periphery of Europe. She returns repeatedly to the same area and keeps a meticulous diary of the ‘visible’. Then with the precision of an experienced surveyor who instantaneously captures unusual spatial constellations she selects her images. The deserted places remain nameless; they can be anywhere. Müller leaves it to the viewers to look for the signs, which would enable them to identify the locations.