Christiane Peschek


Peschek studied at the Mozarteum Salzburg, the Academy of fine arts Vienna and the University of applied arts Vienna graduating with a Diploma in January 2014. She mainly works in the field of conceptual photography and her work has been shown in several shows all over Europe.



For this project I've asked children to dress their mothers how they think they're beautiful, they were allowed to do the hairstyling, makeup and outfits for their mothers. I was interested in the difference between the self-image of the mothers and the ideal image their children project on them.


13 Kinder

This photoproject works with 13 orphans aged from 4-10. I worked with them for several months following their process of imagination and self reflection, I asked them to create a character they want to be, irrespective of their own destiny, gender or personality.

They used drawings for expression as it was important for me to work on a non-verbal level. Based on these drawings I helped them to create a costume and transform themselves into their imaginary ego.