Alexander Veledzimovich


Alexander Veledzimovich was born in 1983 in Vitebsk. He graduated in the International Institute of Labour and Social Affairs and went on to work as a teacher in "Vitebsk State Polytechical college". In 2009 Veledzimovich began to study at Galperin Faculty of photojournalists in St. Petersburg. In St. Petersburg he also attended seminars of Lina Sheynius and Nicholay Howalt. He now works as freelance photographer since 2007, since 2010-2013 he has taught a Portraiture class at Minsk Photography School and start education project about photography in Vitebsk.



When we take a photo - especially portraits - we fix a moment which would have never happened without the camera. My portraits are about people, but also about a place and a world which never exists; but the photos exist and are a proof that Neverland exists. I create an ideal world, parallel reality where I can live, and show how can people look in this beautiful place. It is passive opposition to reality that exist in modern Belarusian society, which founded on ideas that stays from Soviet Union time and ideas of Consumer society.
It is portrait about Utopia and humanity. It is a attempt to find non-consumer and non-idealogical "face" of people.



Image surfaces present a trap for a viewer. It is so easy to get lost among bouquets of dry flowers together with Superman, Godzilla, Red Hobbyhorse and the author’s dad. It is much more difficult to reach the invisible plane of the image. In the project Cabinet of Curiosities the author poses some riddles to the audience and looks for the boundaries of the contemporary understanding of photography. When is painting more realistic than photography? Does photography always speak about the past? How can one photograph a motionless movement? How accidental is any photograph? How does consciousness interpret and connect images?

Finding the answers to these questions, the author loses himself and gets transformed into one of the viewers of the cabinet of curiosities. The author wanders among the icons with which he has to struggle.


Kate's World

Every person is transforming the reality around oneself throughout their life. We can see how things we threw in the bathroom or on a windowsill start talking about us. It is not clear where our Ego is – inside of us or in the space around us. We are changing the world and thus we state that we exist. Sometimes it is only through the things we can be sure that our existence on the Earth is real. A projection on a wall can become a reflection of the inner world or Mount Fuji with the rising red sun.