Caroline Prange


Based in Berlin, Caroline Prange (b. 1985) is a former architect who later studied Communication Design and since 2014 she became a freelance photographer and designer. Caroline has a special Interests in ecology, analogue crafts and the relationship between individuals and space.



Woman of Tomorrow

The Woman of Tomorrow series provides insights into the conflict between the pursuit of personal goals and desires and meeting the needs of society. It is a story about women who are highly qualified and should actually easily deal with the questions of gender equality, freedom and success. That is what society is expecting to see and what the tough woman is pretending to be. But her process of self-realisation is often happening behind closed doors. Self-doubt, mental overload and social pressure make it difficult to achieve her goals with ease. All portrayed women are currently working and living in Germany‘s capital, Berlin, and are between 27 and 35 years old.


Back to Horse Logging

In the forestry Grünau near to Berlin, there is cultivated an almost forgotten tradition - the work with horses. Horse logging is more frequently used again in the nature-near forestry to preserve the woodland.

By using heavy equipment instead the soil would be compacted, the ability to absorb water would be reduced and young trees would be destroyed. Instead of fuel, they get hay and instead of exhaust gas, only some horse droppings are left behind.

The horse leaders are in close contact with their horses and always work in the same teams. Their work is based on trust, tranquillity and respect for the performance of these animals. They are able to pull up to 400 kg of weight. Janine Birkholz and Robert Springer are the horse loggers in the forestry Grünau. Janine is one of the very few women in Germany who work in this job.


Peculiar Worlds

"Summer for 365 days a year. In the centre of Potsdam is a place with a holiday-atmosphere 365 days a year – the Biosphäre Potsdam. The jungle landscape of the Biosphäre Potsdam with over 20.000 beautiful plants, many exotic animals and an hourly thunderstorm with thunder and lightning takes you to a world far away. Your journey begins at the waterfall and continues on intertwined paths to the butterfly house and to the high-trail up in the treetops". Quote from the Biosphäre Potsdam, a tropical in-house garden near to Berlin