Nella Nuora

Nella Nuora
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Nella Nuora's (b. 1977) roots lie in cinematography, which she has done professionally for over twenty years. In her work she aims to present the real world through a filter of positivity, beauty and hope. The very qualities she sees as a possibility to prevent us from falling into despair, during this ecological crisis. Since 1999 Nuora has worked for the Finnish national broadcast company YLE.




"It is in this maternity ward that your child is safer to be born than anywhere else in the world.”

Mikko Tarvonen works as a midwife and knows how to help a child safely in the world and reassure parents in an exciting situation. Tarvonen's speciality is monitoring and interpreting a child's heart chart. The role of a midwife is to help the mother (midwife etymology: mid = with, wife = woman) and to evaluate if the child needs help from outside. So far, the best way to examine a child is to analyze the cardiac curve drawn by the CTG. The learning of interpretation is passed down from one midwife to another, through experience and years at work.

Still, "There are two experts in childbirth: the midwife and the mother herself."

The text is based on the YLE news article (Laura Kosonen, 12.10.2019), in which Nella Nuora photographed Mikko Tarvonen working.