Mikko Suutarinen


Mikko Suutarinen (b. 1989) is a Finnish photographer based in Helsinki, Finland. He graduated from Lahti Institute of Design and Fine Arts.

Currently, Mikko is working for Helsingin Sanomat, the largest newspaper in Finland and the Nordic countries. The main focus of his work is documentary photography as well as long-term documentary projects. His interest lies with ethnography and triggers that are influencing human behaviour. Enlightening on emerging issues which might not be evident to the public is Suutarinen's main concern.

On some of his biggest projects like “People and Cars” and “Polar Light”, Suutarinen emphasises the importance of individual identities, their significance, as well as the correlation between culture, nature and personalities. Both projects were acknowledged by the Finnish Press Photos in 2017 (Honour Award of New Photo Journalist) and 2018 (Photo Essay of the Year) respectively.

Suutarinen's work has been published in newspaper articles, magazines and books in Finland.

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