Andreas Meichsner


German Photographer Andreas Meichsner (b. 1973) is based in Berlin. He studied Photography at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hannover, Germany and at Hiroshima City University Japan. He graduated in 2006.

His work focuses on contemporary aspects of European society, in particular dealing with the need for security and structure and its effect on people.

Showcasing the attitudes and peculiarities of tourists during their travels in this context, his first photo book Alles in Ordnung has become a winning title in the German Photography Book Awards 2012. His latest series The Beauty of Serious Work expands this examination of society by another perspective, following a similar approach exploring world of technical product testing.

Meichsner's work has been exhibited worldwide, including the Noorderlicht Festival in the Netherlands, Dubai and Singapore, f-stop Festival in Leipzig, Format Festival in Derby, Getxo Photo in Spain, Athens Photo Festival and Robert Morat Gallery in Hamburg. His work has been featured at the Rencontres and the Voies Off Festival in Arles and the Sony World Photography Festival in London.

He has won several prizes and scholarships, including the European Architectural Photography Award, finalist in the Oskar Barnack Award and the Sony World Photography Award.



Arcadia (in Greek: Arkadia) is a mountainous area in the center of the southern Greek peninsula Peloponnese. In the Greek mythology Arcadia was declared the place of the „golden age“, where people could live a happy and content shepherd`s life, unstressed from hard labor and social adjustment pressure within an idyllic nature.

The project Arkadia examines life in Dutch holiday house parks. The homogeneous architectural arrangement of the parks make the houses appear like requisites of a perfect, artificial world. Like a modern day Arcadia. The tourist's decision in choosing a mirror image of their everyday homes as their holiday destination seems to be an absurd idea.

Nevertheless, holiday house tourism is a popular choice for many tourists.