Ewa Ciechanowska



Ewa Ciechanowska (b 1971) holds a PhD - artist, curator and Assistant Professor at the Polish National Film School in Lodz, at the Department of Photography. In her photographic and video art she works in the field of recording reality experimenting with time, memory and the subjective experience of space/time continuum. The curator of exhibitions: at Triennial of Photography in Hamburg, Photofestiwal in Lodz, Photokina Academy in Cologne and Month of Photography in Bratislava. The editor of a book Some Things Visible and Invisible Things.


You Will Fade Away, You will Do As You Like

You will fade away, you will do as you like is a collaboration work between Ewa Ciechanowska and Marcjanna Urbanska in 2017. It's a dialogue between the past and the present. The meeting is multidimensional - in visual and emotional space. Photographs that I had made several years ago, I gave to my adult daughter, asking for additions. A picture of the world recorded many years ago - today was given to the person who participated in that experience to add the next layer to it - memory, sensitivity, associations. This activity is also a space of artistic participation of two artists, overlapping their memories, sensitivity and creativity.