Elina Braslina


Elina Braslina (b. 1988) is a children's book illustrator and graphic designer from Latvia. Her first field of study was French and linguistics, but she had always been interested in art, so earned a BA and MA diploma from The Art Academy of Latvia, both degrees in printmaking. For the last five years she has mainly worked in children’s book illustration, and also been the production designer of a feature-length animated film.



What's Up in the Greenhouse?

Elīna Brasliņa’s work What’s Up In the Greenhouse? (2020) engages visitors by allowing to create their own greenhouse and to paint and arrange the elements of the installation. The work is a centrepiece of The Muse of the Greenhouse, an exhibition curated by Jana Kukaine, which examines the vectors of family, space and work, their intersection and role in women’s lives. The exhibition is built around the notion of the greenhouse and its multiple social, political and economic meanings. It strives to embrace both the Soviet legacy and today’s patterns of private gardening, as well as to examine issues around the migration of seasonal workers. The greenhouse metaphor embodies both the site of life’s origin and the possibility to speak about a wide range of phenomena, including a woman’s mythological connection with nature and earth fertility, and the migration of East European workers to look for better-paid job opportunities in the plantations of Western countries.