Nicolas William Hughes


Hughes has been studying and researching photography and lens based practice for 8 years. Obtained a BA (hons) in Photographic Art from Newport University of Wales in 2008, he hen went on study towards a Masters in Photography: Contemporary Dialogues from Swansea Metropolitan University.
In the past Hughes has created projects that explore such themes as man's relationship with nature and the natural environment. An interaction with nature and nature's influence on artistic inspiration has and continues to be central to his practice. Predominantly his work has been linked to his own nationality and relationship to Wales. Hughes creates site-responsive projects that explore context-based (cultural and/or socio-political) happenings or insights into his own relationships with particular areas and locations.


Buried in Culture

A large amount of Welsh culture, socio/political history and folk-lore is buried beneath its sandy beaches, rolling hills, geology and decaying industry. Buried in Culture explores the influence of space on the artist, an interaction and search for identity within the environment.

Drawing inspiration from nature, folklore and contemporary society, the work aims to query the relationship between space (an environment) and creative perception.