Simon Menner


Born 1978 in southern Germany, Menner lives and works in Berlin since 2000 and received his degree from the Universität der Künste in 2007.

As an artist he is fascinated in how images and perception are utilized as a tool to influence people. In our more and more image driven world it is key to understand and emphasize these mechanisms and by doing so enabling a public or personal response.


Posing With Corpses

The urge for posing with the corpses of killed opponents seems to be almost as old as photography itself.

Who are the people who do this and what is their intention?


Images from the Secret Stasi Archives

If it is true that the Orwellian Big Brother is watching us, what does he actually see? Even though there has been a constant debate on the nature of surveillance in the past, it is actually extraordinarily difficult to access images taken by secret services around the globe.

Over the course of two years, I was granted access to the visual memories of East Germany's notorious secret police the Stasi in an attempt to uncover some of this material. What I was able to find is as absurd as it is shocking.



Even though they are invisible due to their professionalism, there are hidden snipers in every of these images. They are aiming at the camera and therefore at the viewer.

I had the very friendly support by the German Army who made this series possible by providing me with two of their snipers and a whole day of time.

In 2013, I got the permission to extend this project in the German Alps. Once again I am extremely grateful for the generous support of the German Army and the professional work of the soldiers involved in this project.