United Kingdom

Anna Kurpaska



Anna Kurpaska (b. 1987) is a Polish born photographer currently based in Wales. She became interested in photography while studying Fine Arts in her native Poland and came to the UK to study photojournalism at Swansea Metropolitan University and University of Westminster and is currently pursuing a research degree in Cultural and Media Studies.

Kurpaska was selected as one of the UK winners of Magenta Flash Forward 2012 photography competition and has participated in a number of group exhibitions. Her photographic interests focus mostly on representations of interpersonal relationships, belonging to the place of one’s origin, and familial and community ties.


The Visit

Kurpaska’s photographic interests focus on interpersonal relationships, familial and community ties. Kurpaska left her family home in Poland in 2007 but returns for regular visits. Few people have left the neighborhood since her childhood, and even fewer new people settle in the area. The Visit documents her ancestral home, now owned by her mother and her uncle. If this is a story of homecoming, they remain its central characters. The two continue a familiar cycle, leading interdependent yet strangely separate lives, demonstrating the precariousness of familial relationships.