Géraldine Lay


French artist Géraldine Lay, (b. 1972) lives and works in Arles, France. A graduate of the National Photography School in 1997, her work has been represented by the Gallery Reverbère, Lyon since 2005. Alongside her work as a photographer, she works as the manager of production in the Publishing Actes Sud, Arles.


Les Failles Ordinaires

In 2005, Lay started travelling to countries in Northern Europe, visiting Finland, Sweden, Norway and Scotland with a constant impression of being surrounded by familiar settings, close to her own universe and at the same time being thrown into a strangely extraordinary world.

This series is a subtle mix of urban portraits, found objects and landscapes produced during short stays in northern cities, each title containing only the name of the city where the image was shot.

Working fairly quickly, Lay stayed in each city for no more than 10 days, photographing passers-by as if they were actors on a film set, the landscape become a backdrop to a narrative fiction, establishing intangible connections between the various cities and their inhabitants. Nothing connects the cities traversed; only the images that constructs a fictitious link between them.