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Tracey Fahy



Tracey Fahy (b. 1971) is a London based photographer and educator. Her research-led practice incorporates concepts relating to dance, choreography, performance and experimental sound plus ideas resonant to eastern philosophies and counterculture. She completed an MA in Photojournalism & Documentary Photography, with distinction, at London College of Communication and was selected for Fresh Faced Wild Eyed 2014 at the Photographers' Gallery.

Fahy is represented by Millenium Images.


Sounding Out The City*

This diptych appropriates Stephen Gill’s Audio Portraits (individuals wearing headphones with their musical choices as captions). The images are layered with spectrograms** of the tunes they are listening to, concealing the person’s identity and symbolising the desire of the individual to maintain a sense of privacy by creating a ‘mobile sound bubble’ that turns urban streets into private contemplation zones. (2016)

“…..as users become immersed in their mobile media sound bubbles, so those spaces they habitually pass through in their daily lives may increasingly lose significance for them and progressively turn into the ‘non-spaces’ of daily lives which they try, through those self-same technologies, to transcend.” – Michael Bull

*Named after Michael Bull’s book Sounding Out the City (2000), which augments our understanding on the auditory experience of self and place.
**A spectrogram is a graphic representation of the frequency, intensity, duration, and variation with time of the resonance of a sound or series of sounds.


Sign of the Times

Benalup Casas Viejas is a small town located in the province of Cádiz in Spain with a population of approx 6,754 inhabitants. It is a working class Spanish town, agriculture and construction being the main industries in the area; both hit hard by the current recession.

Many of the towns shops have shut their doors for good unable to survive the current climate. This series of images illustrates the town’s economic decline in recent years.