Hannah Modigh

Hannah Modigh
© Hannah Modigh


Stockholm born artist, Hannah Modigh (b. 1980) spent her childhood in India and living on Österlen in the south of Sweden. She studied photography in Copenhagen and Biskops Arnö from 2002-2007 and art at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm from 2012-2013. Through family relationships, she has realised many of her photographic projects in the USA. Modigh lives and works between the USA and Stockholm.



The artist’s grandmother was 100 years old when she died, soon after that her child was born. The feeling that death is replaced with life became palpable, evoking how a river flows into a delta and some branches continue, others stop.

Through the work, the artist shows us everyday situations that are shrouded in an awareness of death. She followed childbirth and death in her own family and others she met during the last few years. The fragmentary images illustrate that everyone is part of a root system and the images are symbols of an involvement. Imprints that depict a presence of an absence. Reminders of an earlier event, but which leave a mystery hanging over it. A subtle visual language where what is happening lies beneath the surface. As a surface tension ready to crack or get stuck in a glass cup. Questions that may not have answers. This is a series about time, trying to photograph time.