Elin Høyland


Norwegian photographer, Elin Høyland (b.1959) has freelanced for several major newspapers including The Guardian. She is currently photographer with the Norwegian Business Daily and her work has been widely exhibited in France, USA, China, Scandinavia and the UK.

In her work, Høyland chronicles a way of life that has almost entirely disappeared.


The Brothers

The Brothers is an intimate portrayal of the relationship between Harald and Mathias Ramen, two brothers who lived together on a small farm in Tessanden in rural Norway.

Mathias and Harald lived all their lives on their family farm. Their days followed a predictable and comforting routine with little change from year to year. Høyland’s photographs witness the incredible sense of belonging and routine the brothers savoured, while simultaneously illuminating the greater sense of solitude found in rural Norway.


Edvard's World

"Edvard is a farmer and has lived all his life in the house which is 600 years old on the west coast of Norway." Elin Høyland


Bergit's House

“Bergit is no longer here. She died two years ago but all her belongings still remain in her house." Elin Høyland