News / 29 Sep 2016

European Prospects photographer Martin Kollar exhibiting at Musee de l'Elysee

European Prospects artist Martin Kollar is currently exhibiting his project 'Provisional Arrangement' at Musee de l'Elysee, Lausanne, after winning the Prix Elysee in 2014. For several months Martin Kollar roamed the roads of Europe and searched through his personal archives to bring together his idea of the provisional - a difficult subject to address visually. 'Provisional Arrangement' offers a collection of images that explore the notion of the temporary, and the far broader notion of memory in the process of (de)construction. Brought up in communist Czechoslovakia, Kollar has always been fascinated by the clash between the unchanging aspects of our society and those that become a fleeting part of it to compensate for life's trials and tribulations. In this way, he presents images of the backdrop for a generation for which the temporary governs the day-to-day when it is when it is more a question of adapting oneself to endless variations than to being an integral part of a particular period and place. It is a world where the sensation of permanence does not exist, poetically rendered by this photographic journey that captures the disintegration of the permanent towards the temporary and provisional. Visit the website for more information: