News / 12 Aug 2015

A Tale of Two Cities exhibition

 Images: 1. Untitled. Cardiff late 1960’s © Tony Othen - 2. Cardiff 2010, Germany 4 v Argentina 0 © Faye
 3. o.T. 2007 © Volker Schrank - 4. Zapata adiós – Zapata al mediodía 1994 © Marcelo Lagos - 5. 7.19 a.m. ©
 Brigida Gonzalez
 6. Roath Park Cardiff 1984 © David Bowden / Ffotogallery Archive

A Tale of Two Cities focuses on the last sixty years of Cardiff's and Stuttgart's history, a period marked by the signing of the twin-city agreement in 1955 – just ten years after the devastation of World War II - to 2015.

Sixty years which shaped both cities and altered them dramatically: a period in which economic development and social tensions, far-reaching ambition and disenchantment, a sense of inferiority and complacency, cultural fervour and half-heartedness, of failure and success, have coexisted and still coexist.

Images of each city’s buildings, parks and landscapes will tell their own story of modernisation and migration, of what is lost and what is gained through the processes of urban regeneration. But at heart of this story lies the experiences of the inhabitants of these two vibrant and changing cities, at work and at play, whether on the streets, inside their homes or in places of recreation.

This exhibition, which brings together the work of 23 photographers, is just one way of many ways in which Cardiff and Stuttgart can be interpreted and examined to understand their differences and communalities in the light of six decades of European history.

die arge lola / Andreas Langen und Kai Loges | Beri Bieber | Butetown History and Arts Centre l David Bowden | Faye Chamberlain | Maciej Dakowicz | Fundstücke – Found photographs l Brigida Gonzalez | David Hurn | Wolfram Janzer | Hannes Kilian | Marcelo Lagos | Rupert Leser l Kirsty Mackay | Dennis Orel und Benjamin Tafel | Tony Othen | Martin Parr | Bandia Ribeira l Eva Schmeckenbecher | Volker Schrank | Laurenz Theinert | Josh von Staudach | Ludwig Windstosser

The exhibition opened in Stuttgart 14 August 2015 until 5 September 2015 and was part of Diffusion: Cardiff International Festival of Photography from 1 to the 31 October 2015.

Location: Kunstbezirk Galerie im Gustav-Siegle-Haus, Leonhardsplatz 28, 70182 Stuttgart

A joint exhibition of Fotosommer Stuttgart and Ffotogallery Wales, Cardiff.