News / 11 Sep 2014

William Ewing Kaunas Residency

William Ewing, the distinguished curator and author, is currently undertaking a European Prospects residency at Kaunas Photography Gallery until 14 September. Here his main aim is to meet and interview the major figures of Lithuanian photography, creating an overview of achievements in Lithuania from the last century to the present day, and advising the photographers on how they can increase their exposure abroad. After his first week he writes, "This is my third trip to Lithuania, so I had some prior knowledge of the scene, but the more I see, the more impressed I am. Considering the extreme restrictions put on photography during the Soviet Era, it is remarkable how the photographers I am meeting found ways to retain their integrity and produce such outstanding work. Western photographers never had such terrible pressures! I am also impressed by a powerful current in the work, a human dimension I do not see elsewhere in Europe. The photographers, at their best, get under the skin of people and events. Their work deserves to have an expanded audience, and I believe it is just a matter of time before the rest of the world recognises the special nature of their achievements. I look forward now to meeting more members of this unique community, and expect my second week will be equally exciting."