Whack 'n' Bite

Portrait of Whack 'n' Bite

Whack 'n' Bite is a collective with two founding members, curator Tuula Alajoki and visual artist/designer Johanna Havimäki from Finland. The collective welcomes collaborations with artists and curators to find art photography approaches where solutions to how to take the project to the next level are found together. Both Alajoki and have a background in the visual arts, content development and art collaborations. Alajoki was the Festival Director and curator for Backlight Photo Festival (from 2012 to 2018) and has curated exhibitions at Tampere Art Museum. She has a Master Degree in Arts from Aalto University. is a sculptor and a visual artist/designer noted for her textile animal figures and she has curated several art events. Both have produced and curated exhibitions in Finland and abroad. Whack 'n' Bite curated the Work to Be Done exhibition at Ffotogallery and as an associate partner have contributed to the creative realisation of A Woman’s Work.