Virginie Plauchut


Virginie Plauchut is a French photographer who works mainly in silver. Between documentary and staging, her work is a questioning of the other and of itself, an exploration of the human in confrontation. For several years her work has revolved around children including work on incest entitled without proof and without a body exhibited at the festival Circulation (s) in Paris and ManifestO festival in Toulouse, and shortlisted for the Leica price. Her other works have been exhibited in galleries and festivals in France and abroad.


Senior Wall - The Good Shephard

This is the story of Sylvie, Marie, Michelle, Rose Marie ... Starting with the testimonies of these women who report their broken childhood where time does not exist except in prayers and work, I looked for these anachronic isolated places hidden behind impenetrable walls. Architectural traces are fading, disappearing with time. The images are rare, but the silence is always present.
In France, between 1950-1960, the state turned to religious institutions for the care of adolescents it did not know what to do with. The girls were trapped under the “right of paternal punishment” (which any father was entitled to by law until 1935) because they were runaways, or committed petty theft, or were allegedly with the wrong crowd, rebels, or those were raped which was as good as being guilty. But also, children of divorced parents, unwanted children, children war collaborators ... hundred religious institutions closed in the 1970s.



In France, every year a child disappears and is never found.
They are named Estelle, Cyril, Jerome, Marion or Leo, their faces turned into a poster at airports, train stations and shops.

Their families have lived for years in anticipation of news, families condemned the worst fate: not knowing. Families that despite the passing of time, do not give up and keep hope of ever seeing their child or at least to know what happened on that day ... To find the places, the places where they were seen for the last time. These ordinary landscapes that are related to the disappearance of a child that they are still looking and keep the entire thickness of secrecy.

In 2013, the disappearance of 47,759 children were reported, according to figures from the Ministry of Interior. The vast majority (nearly 46 800) of these to the Roster of persons sought (FRP) minors are runaways, which must be added 379 children removed or diverted, usually by a parent, and 582 disappearances of particular concern. Cases of disappearances where disturbing criminal track is estimated to be very plausible concern "184 children".