Katrin Ribbe

Portrait of Katrin Ribbe

Katrin Ribbe (Germany, 1974) originally trained as a photographer at the Stately Theatre of Hamburg, before studying photography and animation at the London College of Communication. She subsequently worked for the puppet animation “Peter and the Wolf”, (director: Suzie Templeton, GB 2006). Her work reflects and combines influences from the world of theatre, animation and photography alike. In 2013 Katrin started working on the photographic portrait series b o s s about self-employed women. In 2014 she was a founding member of the performing arts collective “Aufstand aus der Küche” (Revolt from within the Kitchen) that deals with questions on gender politics and that combines installation, live performance, video and photography. Katrin is currently working on the film installation “legacy” that lays bare the practices in photographic group portraiture and compares it to the psychoanalytical practices of systemic family positioning.