Cale Garrido

Portrait of Cale Garrido

Cale Garrido (Spain, 1990) is an independent journalist, photo editor and curator based in Hamburg, Germany. She works on documentary and artistic photography projects, exhibitions and publications, always looking for synergies of content and form. After her Journalism studies, she self-published two photobooks with documentary photographer Philipp Meuser: Kadosh (2015) and Neorrurales (2018), focusing on the politics of housing and demographics in different contexts. For the past four years, she has been working as a photo editor for Greenpeace related publications in Germany. This experience has fostered a lasting interest on environmentally engaging photographic projects. She curated the group shows Urgent Arts of Living (Kaunas Photography Gallery, 2019) and What if Earth becomes unhinhabitable (PHmuseum, 2020). As a co-editor, she has been collaborating with Kaunas Photography Gallery on the publications Joan Fontcuberta: Crisis of History (2020) and Women’s Workshop (2021).