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Supernatural Open Call

Open calls | 24 July 2014 - 10 August 2014


20 September – 23 November 2014

Exhibition opportunity open to individuals, collaborations and collectives, presenting new and existing work. 

QUAD, Derby’s centre for contemporary art and independent film, presents an exciting opportunity for artists to exhibit work around QUAD’s Extra Gallery Spaces as part of QUAD’s upcoming Supernatural season. This group exhibition will respond to the themes and narratives explored across the season of Supernatural which includes an exhibition of work by renowned artist Susan MacWilliam, a programme of talks, film screenings, workshops and much more.

Deadline for proposals 10th August 2014




(of a manifestation or event) attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature.

QUAD is seeking new or existing work by contemporary artists that engages or encounters the supernatural.  From fortune telling to cataloguing superstitions; spirit photography; paranormal activity; or the documentation of widely practiced beliefs around the supernatural, we want to see your work. We are particularly interested in work that engages and responds to historical manifestations and practices of the supernatural but we remain open to broad interpretations of the brief.

While science is increasingly called upon to explain physical and psychical phenomena, the idea of the supernatural as something existing apart from everyday life remains alluring.  Perhaps connected to an insatiable desire to understand and experience the unknown, the supernatural has long been a stimulus for creative and academic exploration, often associated with the aspirations of the subconscious mind.  

Whether an age-old piece of folk-lore prophesying of ill fate, a spine tingling feeling of the uncanny or things that go bump in the night, the supernatural continues to be present within our daily lives.  Researching and responding to the downright uncanny, unexplainable, and the seemingly miraculous, the supernatural has acted as a powerful creative catalyst for artists in both historical and contemporary contexts. 

QUAD looks forward to receiving your creative interpretations to this theme.

For more information, visit the Quad website.