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Home-Land // Galerie Sehnsucht - Call For Artists

Open calls | 15 November 2017 - 26 November 2017

Galerie Sehnsucht are calling for entries from photographers and photographic artists with images that are dedicated to “Home-land”. The second exhibition will be on view with this title from December, 13th until January, 27th, 2018, in the wonderful gallery at the Vijverhofstraat. It will show a selection from the works that were submitted in the call. The deadline for the call is November, 26th.

They will be assisted in making this selection by Otto Snoek. He is a Rotterdam-based photographer with international renown, exhibiting his work all over the world. He will be the guest curator for this exhibition.



“you don’t live in a country. You live in your home-land. But what is it?”


Home-land….is this your fatherland? If so, what defines your fatherland, apart from the clichés which most often are not true? Is it the land you live in? The land you where born? The hometown, house or maybe even just the room you live in? Does it have any connection with your community? What about other communities claiming the same homeland? Is it your language? How do you feel about your home-land? What do you see?

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