European Prospects
Exploring European Identity through Photography
The call for applications is aimed at European photographers or those living in Europe, at the beginning of their career as an author. There is no theme. Following the call for applications, around twenty photographers creating an overview of the new generation of European photographers will be exhibited within Circulation(s).

Circulation(s) Festival 2015 Call for Applications

Open calls | 31 July 2014

The Circulation(s) festival offers a fresh perspective on Europe through photography and aims at spotting talents by relying on a network of European structures. As a springboard for young photographers, a prospective and innovating lab of contemporary creativity, the festival has a special and major role in the French photography landscape that attracts a large public. The programme revolves around the selection of a jury following an international call for applications, around guests (a gallery, a school) and around the carte blanche of the sponsor who for this 2015 edition is Nathalie Herschdorfer, director of the Musée des beaux arts of Locle, Switzerland.    

Educational activities (activities for children, visits commentated by the artists, projections) and workshops (portfolio assessment) are implemented around this large-­scale exhibition for the public and young photographers.    

The Circulation(s) festival 2015 will take place at the CENTQUATRE-­‐PARIS, a multicultural and multi-­‐ disciplinary place in the east of Paris from January 24to March 8 2015. The 2014 edition had a huge success among critics and the public with more than 43,000 visitors. The call for applications is aimed at European photographers or those living in Europe, at the beginning of their career as an author. There is no theme. Following the call for applications, around twenty photographers creating an overview of the new generation of European photographers will be exhibited within Circulation(s). 

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