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PhotoBiennial Greece

Festivals | 01 May 2014 - 31 August 2014

PhotoΒiennale 22nd International Photography Meeting / Topic: Logos

The PhotoBiennale’s thematic trilogy, organized by the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, is completed after 2008 Chronos [Time], and 2010-2011 Topos [Place].

From May until August 2014, there is Logos [Greek for discourse, logic and reason] in Thessaloniki.

Logos, a reason for the viewer to discover artists and works along with over twenty exhibition spaces, a reason for guests to arrange a city visit during this time (particularly the weekends of 9-11/5 and 27-30/6).

Through the PhotoBiennale’s main programme, parallel exhibitions, open discussions and screenings, Logos articulated as image will be presented posing aesthetic, conceptual and social questions. The image’s structure will also be addressed through the influence of the narrative arts and cinema.

The programme will include, as always, works of Greek and International artists (more than 100 in collaboration with over 50 institutions from Greece and abroad), as well as proposals submitted to the Museum's open call and evaluated by the following committee: Vangelis Ioakimidis, Nina Kassianou, Spyros Makkas, Aliki Tsirliagkou, Martha Chalikia.

Remaining festival sections (such as the “Parallel Program,” “The Galleries Suggest,” “Traveling Exhibitions” and the Cedefop / Photomuseum Award) have been functioning since 2012, presenting work in 2013 as well.

Detailed information for the PhotoBiennale’s Logos programme will be released at Press Conferences to be held on 29/04/14 in Thessaloniki and 30/04/14 in Athens