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Backlight Photo Festival 2017

Festivals | 06 September 2017 - 05 October 2017

The Backlight Photo Festival has strong roots in documentary photography. Our event focuses on current social themes extending culturally engaged perspectives on reality through various concepts and artistic approaches. The Backlight Photo Festival promotes intercultural dialogue by revealing the hidden, the veiled, the lost and the forgotten. The Photographic Centre Nykyaika has organized international photography festival since 1987 in Tampere, Finland. Through out its´ almost thirty years of history the festival has presented more than 350 artists from over 40 countries in various exclusive exhibitions. Since 2012 the Backlight Photo Festival has produced additional actions also for the years in between the festival –such as international residencies, exhibition exchanges and promotion of Finnish photography in forms of exhibitions and screenings in partner festivals and institutions abroad. Each Backlight forms a new unique entity with current social theme, renewed structure and a challenging content with exhibitions and wide-ranging Symposium program. We´re welcoming new artists, partners and photo enthusiasts from all over the world with open arms to participate and propose ideas for future collaborations.