European Prospects
Exploring European Identity through Photography


Events | 07 April 2018 - 04 May 2018

Born throughout the early-to-mid 1980s, each of these artists has developed a unique take on the effects that modernisation and reform has had on major Chinese cities. Across their upbringings and into their current adult lives, each artist experienced and continues to bare witness to rapid urban development, gentrification and urban sprawl. Their various observations of the spatial changes that have taken place around them has produced an overarching sensibility across their works; a sensibility which originates in a call to reflect on and respond to the radical and continuous rede nition of social spaces that occurs across their surroundings.

This accelerated urbanisation, occurring in both China and across the globe, has given rise to new personal and societal conditions. Feelings of alienation and dislocation as a consequence of constant demolition and rebuilding produce newly coded relationships between environments and those who occupy them. Spaces of leisure or places of work are regularly redefined according to new trends, regulations or technological developments and one’s attachment to their surroundings is perpetually in flux. As witnesses of these transformations throughout the spaces they inhabit, Chen, Cui, Hao and Zhang all present their own distinct interpretations of these historical evolutions.