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Stories of the Landscape Workshop with Adam Panczuk

Events | 12 November 2014 - 16 November 2014
© Adam Panczuk
© Adam Panczuk

Stories of the Landscape is an intensive 5 day workshop with acclaimed photographer Adam Panczuk, which takes students through a fast-paced shooting project in Warsaw, Poland. Within this workshop, students will conceptualize, shoot and edit a project with the aid of personalized feedback, class critiques and one-on-one reviews. Students will spend the week immersed in the photographic process as they think critically about their work, view inspirational materials and develop a deeper understanding of their own unique voice.

During this 5 day workshop, students will work with Adam to conceptualize, strategize and execute a personal project. Each of the five days will entail class time with a group critique and discussions, then students will be sent out to take more photographs. This workshop is designed for those that are interested in making a project in a very short period of time, by living, breathing and sleeping photography every day for 5 days! It’s a powerful experience.

The first day of this workshop is dedicated to sharing inspiration, viewing Adam’s work and processes, viewing each student’s past work and discussing project ideas for the week. As each day progresses, the students will receive feedback and inspiration on their new images and will be encouraged to deepen their understanding of photography as an expressive medium for storytelling.

Students of this workshop are asked to come to the first day of the workshop with ideas for a project, as well as a portfolio of their previous work to share.

By the end of the workshop, students will have been guided in conceptualizing and executing a project that is specific to their personal vision and photographic voice. The projects realized during the workshop will be presented to the NYC photo community at the Photo Workshop New York loft space, during our monthly projections. Each participant’s project will also be showed on the Photo Workshop New York website.

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