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Nino Laisné photographs absences, specifically that of the human body, and this absence is representative of a certain kind of presence, that found in areas devoted to sport and competition. To this effect he chooses views of sporting venues and the equipment and amenities, abandoned, or more precisely temporarily suspended, waiting for the coming season. He shows an ordinary world, unveiled in reassuring proximity, but still allowing room for an indefinable ruggedness, an insistent questioning, and this direct confrontation, narrowed down, marked head on by a freeing up of something uncertain, pushes us to topple bit by bit into an unknown territory.

This stripping down of reality can only be achieved by an increase in reality. It consists of bringing to an extreme a game of clues, an underlining of locales, an amplification of means, without going so far as to get stuck in the display. This excess of reality doesn’t dispel a fluid quality, a starkness even, and ignores above all a refusal to abstract places and the phantasmic resonance of the body. The theatrical appearance reflects back to the need for a fiction, of his use of contradiction and of the opening of a sharply designated scene offering a disturbing density. This is magnified by an accomplishment which never comes, but in which can be found the high tension of effort and release which forces us to stay on our guard and to maintain a renewed vigilance.

Didier Arnaudet

Translated by Rachel Foister