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The Moscow Project

Portfolio The Moscow Project

The MAP6 Collective set out on a six day trip in May 2013 to raise the curtain on contemporary Moscow by documenting this inimitable city as it goes through an overwhelming change. Each of the photographers engaged with the city by focusing on a chosen theme exploring its history, geography and people: the interior details of an off limits space centre, the anonymous faces of workers confined within underground kiosks, the transitory solitary figures passing above and below the city, or the modernist structures towering over the cities inhabitants. These moments in time now overlap, coincide and sit next to one another on a page to create a puzzling impression of a city, one that both reveals and mystifies at the same time. This collective interpretation offers us a glimpse into a city as if we are visiting it for the first time; we feel the initial sense of dislocation, confusion and then excitement as we unravel meaning in what we see.