News / 21 Jan 2020

European Prospects: Sarah Mei Herman's Solo Exhibition

European Prospects artist, Sarah Mei Herman will be showing her work Germano at the Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam from January 24th to May 17th, 2020.

In 2016 she began researching a project about my Jewish family history in Lithuania. This was during the time she was the artist in residence at Kaunas Photography Gallery. Together with his younger brother Jehuda her grandfather had a photo studio in Kaunas, named "Foto Germano", which is Lithuanian for Herman, the surname she carries. In this project, she explores the relationship between her grandfather's portraits from the 1920s and 1930s and her own work, as well as the very dark period lying in between.

Central in the upcoming exhibition at the Jewish Historical Museum is the memories of Tonia Levin (1925-2019), her grandfather's niece who, after barely surviving the holocaust, moved to Israel where she visited her several times during the last years of her life. The installation Germano consists of archive material, letters, multimedia and family photographs she recently took in Israel, and is an ode to Tonia Levin, celebrating the strength and determination with which she continued to live her life.

From January 24th until May 17th 2020 Germano will be on view at the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam. Later in 2020 the exhibition will travel to Kaunas, Lithuania, and will be shown at Kaunas Photography Gallery.