News / 12 Aug 2019

European Prospects artist, Michal Iwanowski film Go Home Polish will be showing at Iris Film Festival 2019

Confused by graffiti scribbled in a Cardiff backstreet demanding ‘Go Home Polish’, a photographer embarks on a thousand-mile walk back to his birthplace in search of home.

This documentary short follows photographic artist Michal Iwanowski as he embarks on a gruelling walk across Europe, back to Poland. He’s previously walked over 2,000 kilometres tracing his grandfather’s escape from the Russian Gulag, but this walk is even more personal. He’s now feeling the full force of Brexit Britain and his mother is worried about him. Cardiff has been home for 18 years, he thought he was accepted and embraced there, something he didn’t feel back in Poland. He’s officially a British and Polish citizen, but where is home now?

The film will be showing at the opening night at Iris Film Festival 2019 in October, Cardiff.