News / 14 Oct 2019

Casey Orr "Bone Fire" Exhibition at Left Bank Leeds

European Prospects Artist, Casey Orr's Bone Fire is currently on show at the Left Bank Leeds until November 27th, 2019. The Show is open on Monday and Wednesday from 10am to 5pm.

Bone Fire is a photographic exhibition depicting unlit bonfires and their teenage guardians, exploring the history, traditions and community associated with structures we ritually set on fire.

Now irretrievably connected to Guy Fawkes, bonfires were in earlier times known as Bone Fires – symbolic burnings of the summer’s animal carcasses designed to ward off, and warn off, the oncoming frost. This annual ritual saw communities gather to celebrate, feast and stake claim to their survival through another seasonal cycle.

The Bone Fire series, taken between 2004-09 in West Yorkshire, highlights a modern-day echo of those times. The transient world depicted in the photographs is one that the kids have created for themselves, having fun without leadership or instruction. Their chaotic, self-built structures are elevated into sculptures that live, burn and die in one breathless, annual week.

As the culture and tradition of Bonfire Night die out, replaced by huge, ordered, adult-led corporate and municipal imitations, the Bone Fire series aims to preserve the inspiring social phenomenon of the tradition.