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Portfolio Josephine

"Liar by omission, the family portrait is used only for the good moments which it turns into good memories" wrote Pierre Bourdieu on the practice of this extremely formatted type of photography consisting of maintaining a journal, the photo album of your child from the moment of it's birth from the "origin of the world ". In this universe, made of obvious facts, as peaceful as a long flowing river, no other layout is possible other than these emotional clichés in which father and mother look with tenderness at their children who gurgle and smile at the camera.

As an artist, he knows very well that you do not create good literature with good feelings, nor do you make good photographs without maintaining your emotions at a good distance.
Arno Brignon's art succeeds in translating photographically this question of the father's place, even more complex, more ambiguous that it appears. This is why the blur, the movement and irregular matter have nothing to do with mistaken aesthetics. It strongly conveys the turmoil that overwhelms a father when confronted with the presence, of that which he participated in bringing into the world.

No, Arno Brignon's world is not peaceful, has this worrying strangeness dear to André Breton yet which is as beautiful as the fortuitous encounter between two gazes over a changing table, looking for each other and thought which time will end up revealing to one another.